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Teaser - General Settings


Number of Turns: 400   Starting Treasury: 15 gold for the AI, 5 gold for the player  
Minumum Research Time: 5 turns   Tech Rate: 254
Maximum Research Time: 70 turns   City size levels: Town: 1-5; City: 6-10; Metropolis: 11+
Map size: 170x170   Impassable by wheeled units: Mountains, Plateau, Jungle, Marsh, Ocean
Land tiles: 5723 (40%)   Settleable terrains: Plains, Grassland, Hills, Flood Plain
Corruption (Emperor level): Low (46%)   Optimal City Number: 10 for the AI, 6 for the player (Emperor level)
Cost factor (Emperor level): 9   AI Unit Support bonuses: 2 for each city; 4 additional (Emperor level)
Starting units for the player: 1 settler   Starting units for the AI: 1 settler; 1 worker; 2 palace guards
Combat experience: 4/5/6/7 hp   Attack bonus against barbarians: 0 (Emperor level)