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Teaser - Civilizations

General Settings::Advances::Units

Rome Legionary and Ballista Militaristic, Industrious
Egypt War Chariot and Axeman Religious, Industrious
Greece Hoplite and Trireme Commercial, Scientific
Babylon Bowman and Assyrian Chariot Scientific, Agricultural
Germany Panzer and Zeppelin Militaristic, Scientific
Russia Cossack and T-34 Expansionistic, Scientific
China Rider and Firelancer Militaristic, Industrious
America B-52 and USMC Scientific, Industrious
Japan Samurai and Kamikaze Militaristic, Religious
France Musketeer and Grand Battery Expansionistic, Agricultural
India War Elephant and Gallivat Commercial, Religious
Persia Immortals and Mobile Tower Scientific, Industrious
Aztecs Jaguar Warrior and Eagle Warrior Militaristic, Religious
Zululand Impi and Ibutho Militaristic, Expansionistic,
Iroquois Tomahawk Warrior and Mounted Warrior Militaristic, Commercial
England Man-o-War and Longbowman Expansionistic, Seafaring
Mongolia Keshik and Mangudai Militaristic, Expansionistic
Spain Conquistador and Tercio Religious, Seafaring
Scandinavia Berserk and Longship Militaristic, Seafaring
Ottomans Sipahi and Janissary Militaristic, Industrious
Austria Hussar and Grenzer Militaristic, Industrious
Arabia Ansar Warrior and Saracen Bowman Expansionistic, Religious
Carthage Numidian Mercenary and Phoenician Bireme Commercial, Seafaring
Korea Hwach'a and Turtle Ship Commercial, Scientific
Israel Maccabee and Merkava Scientific, Religious
Ethiopia Oromo Horseman and Shifta Religious, Agricultural
Netherlands Swiss Mercenary and Cog Commercial, Seafaring
Portugal Carrack and Prazero Expansionistic, Seafaring
Byzantines Dromon and Cataphract Commercial, Religious
Inca Chasqui Scout and Clubman Expansionistic, Agricultural
Maya Javelin Thrower and Slinger Industrious, Agricultural