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Rhye's and Fall of Civilization - what you need to rewrite the history of the world

Rhye's and Fall - The Uchronia Simulator for Civ V is the conversion of Rhye's and Fall of Civilization for Civilization IV, which was included in the Beyond the World official expansion and received worldwide acclaim.
The goal of Rhye's and Fall is to turn the game on the Earth map into a "Earth simulator", as civilizations enter the game at different times ("Rise") rather than all at the beginning of the game, and dynamically collapse and disappear ("Fall").
Each civilization that enters the game will find an "uchronia": an alternative history which is realistic but different every time. If you love history of the world, this mod is the closest you can get to realism.

What this mod isn't:

This mod isn't a just scenario of "Earth map with 50+ civs", as it features drastic changes in the gameplay, due to the alteration of the timeline flow.
This mod isn't about quantity: it goes against the tendency of adding units, techs, options and the overall complexity, but rather removes stuff. Mod components that change the standard game are not added unless judged necessary. For this reason, mods that add such material are not compatible.
This mod isn't a mod component and cannot be integrated in other popular mods such as Vox Populi and Community Patch.
This mod has nothing to do with the "Rise and Fall" official expansion for Civ6.

List of contents:

"Fatty" Earth map 134x74
Spawn of civilizations at historical dates and locations
Minor civs
Rise mechanism
Fall mechanism
Rebel faction
Autoplay until human player starting date, with delayed starting points for later civs
New timeline extending Classical and Medieval eras
Historical city names locations
Customized settlers AI
Revised barbarians
Terrain limitations
Civilizations specifics
Interior panel with stabiltiy management [work in progress]
Unique victory type: Role Playing Victory [work in progress]