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Rhye's "Fatty" Earth map

This map is the direct evolution of Rhye's Civ3 Earth, of the award-winning Civilization IV Earth map, and of its evolution with enlarged Europe, used in RFC. It is based on the same concepts aiming to optimize detail, speed and playability.
Ccompared to Mercatore's or Miller's projections (left picture), which stretch Siberia and other inhabitated areas, the chosen projection is Robinson's (right picture). Irrelevant ocean areas are also cut.

another Earth projection the most fitting map projection of the Earth

Moreover, this Civ5 map has to satisfy the following prerequisites at the same time:
big enough to allow a comfortable 1 unit per tile movement
big enough to have a realistic level of detail
small enough to allow a reasonable loading time.

The result was a 134x74 map that is smaller (9916 tiles) than the Civ5 standard 128x80 huge size (10240 tiles) but has room for movement. It was then reduced to a 108x64 map, thanks to which the overall size is reduced of a further 30% (6912 tiles), and this directly affects the reduction of complexity of the game assets and the loading times.

In order to achieve all this, the map is based on optimisation concepts, featuring more enlarged playable areas. It is nicknamed "fatty" as it makes room for 1UPT comfortable movement, even in narrow areas such as Italy. The variety of terrains and resources limits the settleable areas and ensures ingame balance.

The 108x64 map pushes these concepts to the extreme, cutting the huge distances needed to cross the continents, while not affecting much the core playable areas. The appearance of Europe and islands may look like a “fisheye” effect.

civ5 best map

These two maps will not be released separately from Rhye's and Fall for the time being, but they may be when the mod is in its final version.

civ5 best map