(Last update: December 2022)


e-ViTA is a EU-Japan Horizon 2020 project that seeks to develop a virtual coaching system that can promote active and healthy living among the elderly, so as to improve their ability to live independently.
Its goal is to provide personalised advice and recommendations based on big data analytics, social-emotional computing and reliable artificial intelligence, while interfaced with the users through a variety of devices, which include sensors, social robots and holograms.

e-ViTA is supported by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) of Japan (Grant no. JPJ000595).

Religion in robotics and AI

Robotics and religion are typically seen as distant worlds. Conversely, there is much to research, to shape the future while digging into the past.
SanTO, DarumaTO and CelesTE are just the trailblazing machines of this new niche.

Robot aesthetics

Do robots look creepy?
If sometimes you think so, there must be some problem of design.
Engineering and art come to a junction when robots are supposed to be attractive, and far away from the "Uncanny Valley".