SanTO (Sanctified Theomorphic Operator) is a small social robot with the appearance of an interactive statue of a Catholic saint.
It is the first Catholic robot since the time of the “mechanical monk” commissioned by Philip II of Spain in the 1560s.
The intended main function of SanTO is to be a prayer companion (especially for elderly people), by containing a vast amount of teachings, including the whole Bible.
SanTO incorporates elements of sacred art, including the golden ratio, in order to convey the feeling of a sacred object, matching form with functionality.


2nd classified for the innovation in the robot design contest, International Conference on Social Robotics, Tsukuba, Japan; 11/2017

Intellectual Property

G. Trovato, C. Lucho, and F. Cuellar: Application 000561-2018/DIN; resolution 001860-2018/DIN to Indecopi (Peru): “Agente Religioso” (Religious Agent). EU registration n. 005743507-0001.

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