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Rhye's and Fall of Civilization RAND - the closest Sid Meier's Civilization mod to civ 5
Rhye's and Fall RAND is a project that offers something halfway between RFC and standard Civ. All the great additions of RFC, such as stability, historical spawn dates, congresses, victory conditions and the UPs are in. However, certain adjustments were necessary, and the terrain generated is very different from the standard one, and is limited by some constraints.

Some users have said it's basically Civilization 5. Some others found it less interesting than RFC, because of the randomness. Then, are you curious about your opinion? Then make sure you don't miss the download at the bottom of the page.

Map generator

Rhyes_Terra is based on other generators such as Its enhancements include:
  • The addition of marshes
  • Mountain chains that act as barriers
  • Adjusted latitude of terrain types (still retaining the climate type options)
  • Extended areas of the same terrain type, rather than the usual pattern of mixed terrains
  • Very high landmass/ocean ratio (which allows smaller maps supporting many civs at the same time)
  • Variable equator position (to allow a more comfortable northern or southern hemisphere)
  • Presence of a minimum distance of 5-6 plots from different groups of continents, which is enough to make communications impossible until Renaissance
Randomness is managed with a parameter: Earth likeness. It can be very high, high, medium, low or very low.

Starting locations

While we have fixed starting locations in RFC and totally random locations in standard Civ, RFC RAND features some additional code that makes certain regions and terrain types more important than others, depending on the civ.
This means that when you're playing, you don't know where exactly a new civ will spawn, but you can guess. As Rome, Germany may spawn next to you, and flip some of your cities, or next to France or Spain, and not affect you at all. America instead, since it is supposed to spawn in America, and close to some European city. For sure, Russia spawning next to Egypt, in the middle of the deserts, is very unlikely.

You can read the F.A.Q. if you have more questions.