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Civilization IV official Greek World scenario

This scenario begins in 600BC and lets you control one of the three rising powers of the Classical Mediterranean (Rome, Persia and Macedonia).
It is set in the world as it was known by Hecataeus (the famous round-shaped one), with some extra detail borrowed from other ancient maps such as Homer's, Herodotus's and Ptolemy's.

the ancient map of the world

Babylon, India, Judah, Greece, Etruria, Parthia, Egypt and Phoenicia are the other major civs in the game. Celts, Germanic Tribes, Scythia, Greek Colonies and Seleucia are "Minor Civs": you can't contact them, and they are in war with every other civilization.

The Romans can be spotted from this screenshot of the ancient mediterranean

The Persians can be spotted from this screenshot

You don't need to download this scenario, as it already ships with the game.
But if for some reason you need to restore the files, here it is again.