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RoCX Goal-based Challenge

The RoCX Goal-based Challenge (or RGC) has been a goal-based periodical event, in which RoCX players were invited to attempt to achieve certain goals playing as a different nation, sometimes on a different difficulty level. Scoring in the RGC is based on achieving goals and recieving bonuses, rather than on a constant score system. Every RGC had different goals and allowed different routes to victory.

RGC4 - Beyond the Great Wall (November-December 2005)

A visit of the Chinese valleys in RGC4. This fourth challenge was divided in two parts and featured an action mini-game in one of the two, in which you had to capture the sheeps and kill civilians! The other part instead offered two possible routes of conquest.

Winner: King Coltrane

RGC 3 - Atlantis (July-August 2005)

Inspired by Greek mythology and by games like "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis" and "Age of Mythology", this third challenge let you control Atlantis. The challenge is divided in two parts:
In the first part you had to keep your island to grow prosperous and wonderful.
The second part let you visit the Greek Underworld, followed by two Greek a totally new experience: the first time a civ mod is actually more similar to an action game than to Civilization! The 'Afterworld' scenario in Civilization IV Beyond the Sword, in fact, followed the same concept years later. 21 challengers joined this competition.

Winner: Barak

You can download the terrain graphics used for the underworld.

RGC 2 - The India Trading Company (May-June 2005)

The West India Trading Company and the East India Trading Company were the two possible paths to victory. Founding colonies, destroying native civilizations and collecting resources were the key to achieve points.

Winner: V.Soma

RGC 1 - Arabian Conquests (March-April 2005)

This challenge offered three paths to conquest: the African route, the European route and the Eastern route.

Winner: Harlequin717

Final ranking

  • 1st: V. Soma - 17 pts (played: 3)

  • 2nd: King Coltrane - 12 pts (played: 2)

  • 3rd: Harlequin717 - 10 pts (played: 1)

  • 3rd: Barak - 10 pts (played: 1)

  • 5th: Danger Bird - 8 pts (played: 2)

  • 5th: Jeff1787 - 8 pts (played: 3)

  • 7th: Karmina - 6 pts (played: 2)

  • 7th: Blackbeard - 6 pts (played: 3)

  • 9th: Riker - 2 pts (played: 2)

  • 10th: Gunnar Krueger - 0 pts (played: 1)

  • 10th: Stile - 0 pts (played: 1)

  • 10th: Winterfell - 0 pts (played: 1)

  • 10th: Medwynn - 0 pts (played: 1)

  • 10th: Silverknight - 0 pts (played: 1)

  • 10th: Stagnate - 0 pts (played: 1)