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"Rhye's of Civilization - the fastest loading mod" is one of the most famous modpacks for Civilization III, with more than 25'000 downloads, and having generated over 7000 posts of feedback, including CivFanatics' Forums' biggest thread (300 pages long)

Also known as RoC (basic version) or RoCX or RoX (expanded version), Rhye's of Civilization is a modpack that attempts to make a realistic and historically correct Civilization III game based on an Earth map, without pre-placed cities.

The first version (2.0) was released in February 2004, and was developed until that summer by Rhye.

From September to December 2004 its Expansion Pack was made. A whole team worked on it.

In brief, it features:

A 170x170 world map (A separate biq for the random map is included)
Special rules for speed improvement: loading times are reduced up to 95%
New terrain graphics and new team colours
A new resource system that makes the game develop like real history (for Earth map only)
Three new civilizations: Austria, Ethiopia and Israel
A revised rule system, that corrects any inaccuracy of the original game
158 new units (including cultural-based animations and a 2nd unique unit for each civ)*
25 new wonders*
A totally redesigned tech tree*
Complete civilopedia entries*

* Added in the Expansion Pack
This mod needs the English/US version of the Conquests expansion, patched to 1.22.

Detailed description in the readme



Carthaginian elephants crossing the Alps

Israel v Arabia

The hammer of the Gods driving Viking ships to new lands

Mongolian hordes entering China

Spain and Netherlands in the new world

France burned to the ground by the Wehrmacht. Britain the next one?

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