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Rhye's New team colours for Civilization III

Annoyed by those silly shades of pink? Editing RGB combinations for team colours is quite easy...
Editing palettes opens new possibilities.
One of these is shiny colours. You should see them in motion!!
Bi-colour combinations and other varieties are possible as well.

In this small pack there's a set of colours that contains some of the original ones edited.
In particular, two shades of pink and a shade of dark yellow were replaced with cyan (see the first screenshot), lime and a shade of gray.
Because of this, some other colours were darkened or lightened a bit in oder to improve the distinction.
The zip contains a .biq, too, with no rules changes but only colour assignments. This was done in case any two civs are automatically given the same colour. With a redistribution this won't happen. You can play the biq with the new shades without having to overwrite the original colours.

A new blue for Greece

These could be magic tunics

A bi-color experiment. This is dark orange / blue

A mimetic cloth and an invisible explorer