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Rhye's and Fall of Civilization: the Boardgame is a modification for Sid Meier's Civilization: the Boardgame. It is inspired to both Rhye's and Fall of Civilization for PC and Age of Mythology: the Boardgame. The purpose of this mod is to:
  • Shorten the length of the game to 2-3 hours

    This mod simplifies complicated rules, retaining only some interesting aspects of the advanced rules. In particular, you won't need a calculator or a PC to count income every turn. Overall, this mod removes all the micormanagement.

  • Fix broken mechanisms

    The tech tree has been completely redrawn, and it's now tuned to a few hours game. There are just 18 technologies; era divisions have been removed, as it was a unnecessary legacy of Civilization III. The most radical change is that techs are now unrelated to money, but gainable through the Research action card.

  • Add a new game system

    The card system of Age of Mythology, implemented in Civ, works perfectly. Players have to make strategic decisions every turn. Is it better to do now a Taxation or a Recruitment?

  • Add new features from the PC game and from Rhye's and Fall for PC.

    Governments, religions and Unique Powers. This means that can pick one civ at the beginning of the game, i.e. Greece, and use their power to get first to Christianity or Republic!

  • Add a new layer of strategy

    Right from RFC, the general idea behind Stability is that it is responsible for whole nations rising again from the dust, or great empires collapsing into civil war. It is influenced by many factors: government, religions, wars, expansion. Stability is represented by an adjective that can vary from "Very Solid" to "Civil War". In the former case, the player has some bonuses; in the latter, the player is in danger of secessions. Players can manage their level using the action card "Consolidation" to recover, and "Revolution" to switch government and/or state religion.

  • Add random maps

    A random map system is included. Different sizes for different number of players.

  • Make it a more European style game, with little luck involved

    Resources were one of the biggest factors involving luck. Now they're less important for the development of an empire, thus less unbalancing. The Critical Resource roll is gone, as it was just an annoyance with the only purpose of randomising the income. Furthermore, resource types now scale with the number of players, so that it'll be possible to achieve monopolies regardless of the map size.