SanTO-PL is the second version of SanTO (Sanctified Theomorphic Operator), realised in Poland and on permanent exhibition at the Copernicus Science Centre, in Warsaw, for the upcoming years.
SanTO-PL is an upscaled (2.5X, around 1m tall) version of the original, based on an improved design featuring 2 DoF and a panel with buttons. Its refined contents are in three languages (English, Polish, Russian), with particular emphasis on the words by Pope John Paul II.

Intellectual Property

G. Trovato, C. Lucho, and F. Cuellar: Application 000561-2018/DIN; resolution 001860-2018/DIN to Indecopi (Peru): “Agente Religioso” (Religious Agent). EU registration n. 005743507-0001.

Related publications

G. Trovato and Y.-H. Weng: "Retrospective Insights on the Impacts of the Catholic Robot SanTO", Robophilosophy 2022, Helsinki, Finland, August 2022. [link]

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