DarumaTO-3 (Daruma Theomorphic Operator v3 ) is a 2 DoF robot prototype resembling a Daruma (達磨) doll. It is currently in development within the Horizon 2020 project "e-ViTA".

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Z. Shen, N. Urano, C.-P. Chen, S. Feng, S. Mitchell, M. Katagiri, Y. Du, F. Pariasca Trevejo, T.P. Tomo, A. Schmitz, R. Browne, T. Ogawa, Y. Taki, and G. Trovato: "Participatory Design and Early Deployment of DarumaTO-3 Social Robot", International Conference on Social Robotics, Florence, Italy, December 2022. [link]

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